It's Your Money
You Should Get to Keep It

Optimize payments, dramatically reduce processing fees, and increase conversions with the all-in-one portable payments platform and integrated apps from Scratch.

Now nothing stands between you and your profits.

Want to deliver a truly frictionless shopping experience while drastically cutting processing costs?

Now you can with RECOUP the dynamic pricing integration from Scratch.

Take back control of the checkout

Optimize the checkout process on any device with DART the shopping cart companion that integrates with any of the popular e-commerce checkout platforms to protect revenue and increase conversions.

Protect profits with Smart payment routes.

Protect 15 - 30% of your profits by recovering failed transactions and reducing processing fees with STREAMS, the payments optimization app from Scratch that intelligently routes transactions to the best payments providers using the power of AI and business conditions that you control.

Now Even More Ways to get Paid.

Offer customers more ways to pay with buy now pay later options that have been shown to increase cart conversions by 22% with an overall order increase of up to 40% and with significantly fewer returns. You get the full amount now and customers pay over time.

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Scratchware integrations simplify payments, eliminate friction and reduce processing fees.


Scratchware is a cloud-native platform built on a proprietary rapid development framework comprising small building block apps and services that run on aggregate data to deliver enhanced digital commerce and custom agnostic payments capabilities for companies.

What We Offer

SCRATCHWARE Provides: Profit Recovery Services including, Compliant Surcharging as a Service, Cash Discounting, Service Fee Delivery, Convenience Fees, Agnostic Intelligent Payments Routing, Data Aggregation, Secure Global Cloud APIs, Data Vaulting, Tokenization, Frictionless Commerce, Data Portability, Cloud Services, and Visualized Data.

Surcharging Service Areas

We provide surcharging service to the entire US, US territories, and Canada except in locations where Surcharging is prohibited. Service Fees are limited to authorized MCC Codes Only.


Scratch Software Inc. is committed to a diverse and distributed working environment and is headquartered in the United States

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