Customers Respond to Surcharge

April 2nd 7:24 PM
By: Lorde Astor West

It's what we've said all along

The internet went wild on Monday 4/1 over a receipt a customer posted online showing a 4% non-cash fee had been added to his bill for using his credit card.  In response Uncle T's posted this letter to their loyal patrons telling them why they had decided, as well as the other businesses in their area to start "cash discounting" and adding a fee to those who decided to charge. 

Here's what the Facebook post said


Good morning Acadiana.

I’d like to first thank everyone for the continued support of our restaurant here in Scott, LA. Uncle T’s Oyster Bar is a small, family-operated business that strives to give you the best local flavor and the greatest service around. Our goal each day is for everyone to leave happy, customers and employees.

Just to be clear, we started the cash discount program, along with other restaurants and businesses in downtown Scott, on December 14, 2018. The option to go this route was made after other small businesses around the area started as well. The amount of money spent on Credit Card Processing fees was substantial, especially as a small, family-owned business. All regulations are being followed and we don’t retain these fees.

I strongly believe that anyone else in our shoes would do the same. To go from paying the amount of credit card fees we were paying each month, to not having any Credit Cards fees at all, is an unbelievable cost savings for our small business. We have signs on every door and it is written on the bottom of every guest check.

Now, with the recent situation, we have placed the notice on each table. Our goal is to provide the same great products across the board and not increase our menu prices. I personally do not believe it’s fair to increase our menu pricing and have our cash paying customers to pay for the Credit Card Processing fees. We have implemented the cash discount option so you have the ability to save that 4% by using cash. If you are using a credit/debit card, there is a 4% charge added to your bill for Credit Card Processing. Uncle T’s Oyster Bar does not retain any of these fees.

Uncle T’s Oyster Bar has a rewards program that offers discounts for our loyal customers. This allows us to reward our customers for coming back to support our local business. Also, Uncle T’s Oyster Bar supports local athletics in our local schools and local team sports. Uncle T’s Oyster Bar also has a discount program for all uniformed-service workers and military members.

We support the community and appreciate the support from you in return.

We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this may have presented to you or any of your friends. I appreciate your business and I hope this helps with any questions you may have. If I can be of any more help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Remember to shop local!!!!

Again, thanks for the support!
Uncle T’s Oyster Bar
Anthony Hebert


The receipt even made the local talk news 

The conversation turned towards whether or not businesses should be allowed to Surcharge, was it ethical, and why shouldn't businesses just eat the cost. 

Everyone was weighing in

But it's not what you think. Instead of grab their pitch forks, overwhelmingly Uncl T's patrons, and small businesses a like came to side with the restaurant. Out of 542 reactions only 7 showed anomocity towards the family owned business. The majority of comments where exremely supportive.  


At last count over 230 people commented 544 people reacted and 250 people shared

Of those people who reacted only 8 where negative... 8

Business Owner - Comment

"As the owner of Revival Antiques in downtown Scott I fully support Uncle Ts in their decision! We spent over $80k in credit card fees in the year of 2017 and these fees are paid to the banks and card companies . Revival Antiques also adds a surcharge for all credit card transactions . Keep up the good work Anthony & Lexi"

Consumer - Comment

I’ve noticed this charge everywhere!!! Cleaners, restaurants and even my dentist office!!! It’s my choice to use a credit card instead of cash - either way I’m enjoying a great meal I didn’t have to cook or clean up after!????See ya tonight for some crawfish Anthony!!


Consumer - Comment

We came here Saturday with my in laws and it was the best crawfish I've ever had! The 4% charge shouldnt be a big deal to people. Our bill went from 69 to 72. If you can't afford 3 dollars more, no offense but you should have just stayed home. We can't wait to come back again!

Business Owner - Comment

As a small business owner myself, credit card fees are outrageous! Besides, we are taking 4% right. So $4.00 on every $100.00. Check my math but I don’t see this being a big issue.

Consumer - Comment

Thank you Uncle T’s for always having great service and showing your dedication to the city of Scott. My husband and I are both business owners in the Acadiana area and we will continue to shop Local!

Business Owner - Comment

Responding to this issue as fast you did says a lot about your business. As a business owner myself it’s hard to absorb credit card fees these days!

Consumer - Comment

Completely understand this fee and have no problem paying it if I chose to use my debit/credit card. So many small businesses are now using this service, you guys are no different! Love the food, service and atmosphere and will be back soon??.


Consumer - Comment

We love Uncle T’s !!!!! 
Good food, good restaurant and let me tell you... wonderful people!!! Don’t complain about something that barely shows on your bill! This is a local business deserving of its community’s support!!! 
I support you ... keep doing a great job!!! I’ll keep enjoying what you do! Good food, good fun, good people!????????

Consumer - Comment

Look at the sign at your gas station next time you fill up; there is often a discounted price if you pay with cash. 

I think UL stopped accepting credit cards for tuition years ago, I’m guessing due to the fees. 

Thanks for addressing someone’s comments on your policy head on and with such tact. Thankfully we are free to make our own decisions in this country and spend our dollars how we please. 

Voted again today and hope to see y’all tonight after work!! ??

Consumer - Comment

Keep up the great work! We pay it all over. And some people charge 2 or 3 dollars and the businesses still have to pay. So quit complaining and carry cash if it bothers them so much

Consumer - Comment

Yall do realize on a $50 bill that is $2. Its like taxing for card use. I dont see the problem ive seen this on the bottom of quite a few reciepts. Yall have all been charged this before and just never paid attention to your reciept to know. Its mostly local businesses. If you have a problem with it, dont eat there or use cash. ??‍??

And, the comments went on and on

Here's the full post

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