Get the Most
out of every transaction.


Scratch pre-built integrations and simple to use interfaces help you link all your account data in just a few easy steps. Our mesh technology works behind-the-scenes to make the process of getting connected simple, lightweight, fast, and always secure.

Payments just got personal

Build your own mix of pay as you go apps and services based on what's best for your business. Enhance your checkout with intelligent routing that streams payments dynamically to the most economical payment routes, provide customers with flexible payment options, and choose to recover processing costs with the slide of a toggle in a few clicks. We do the math, ensure compliance, and handle notifications.

Friction free and safer than ever.

Give your customers the peace of mind that comes with SMS authenticated checkout with added protection for you from fraud an disputes.

Everything, at your fingertips in one place.

Everything you need to manage and orchestrate payments at your fingertips all in one place, under your control.

Out of sight out of mind

You can't hack what you can't see. Our advanced security posture puts you in control of your data without the risk, exposure, threats or liability of managing sensitive and regulated data.

Choose a Better Way to Get Paid


Scratchware is a cloud-native platform built on a proprietary rapid development framework comprising small building block apps and services that run on aggregate data to deliver enhanced digital commerce and custom agnostic payments capabilities for companies.

What We Offer

SCRATCHWARE Provides: Profit Recovery Services including, Compliant Surcharging as a Service, Cash Discounting, Service Fee Delivery, Convenience Fees, Agnostic Intelligent Payments Routing, Data Aggregation, Secure Global Cloud APIs, Data Vaulting, Tokenization, Frictionless Commerce, Data Portability, Cloud Services, and Visualized Data.

Surcharging Service Areas

We provide surcharging service to the entire US, US territories, and Canada except in locations where Surcharging is prohibited. Service Fees are limited to authorized MCC Codes Only.


Scratch Software Inc. is committed to a diverse and distributed working environment and is headquartered in the United States

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