The Report: Q3 Wrap Up

September 11, 2019 4:21 PM
By: Lorde Astor West

Q4 and Coming in Hot

An Extraordinary Year of Exponential Wins

As we roll-up Q3 and head into Q4 I am reminded that it has been just under a year since we started this journey. In a short time and with a our micro team we've created a new category in payments, invented a new technology and built a business from the ground up. We've started to gain recognition in our industry as subject matter experts and are now being invited to speak on surcharging and compliance. I am also reminded the extraordinary efforts my team has expended to make this a success where teams quatruple our size with massive budgets have failed. I am also reminded that we were told we would fail, that we couldn't make it this far, and that no one would fund us as a new company with zero exits. We've proved all of that wrong. We've shown that committment to craft, diligence, tenacity and guts is the great equalizer.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Provided their knowledge and mentorship as well as those who have hung in there, watched our progress and who have pledged to help us make this start-up a huge success. As we move into 2020 we will continue to push the envelope, meet our goals, and then smash them. 

Buy Local

Welcoming The Herb Box

Susan Wilcox sat down with SCRATCH CEO - Lorde Astor West to talk about small business, getting started, and the upcoming challenges small business face with the upcoming increase in minimum wage, increasing prices, and the cost of digital payments. The interview will air in our upcoming docuseries "Story Telling - Cash to Credit - The meteoric rise of digital payments. Small Business in the age of hyper digitization" . The docuseries will feature small business owners and the obstacles they face. During our interview we spoke of the cost of payments and how to recover fees with our product. Susan's response "SIGN ME UP!"

Susan Wilcox Knows Good Food!


Susan Wilcox, Owner and Founder, opened The Herb Box, as a catering only company in 1995. “I came into this industry with no preconceived notions. It was a freeing time of trial and error, but we never strayed from our original goal- to feed people good nutritious, whole foods that taste awesome,” says Wilcox*. For 12 years, Wilcox stayed true to her roots in catering and high-end events in the Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale areas, offering whole foods, before it was even a trend. Throughout this time, loyal clients had demanded The Herb Box’s artisan and high quality cuisine outside of the events. These demands were finally met when the first Herb Box, a to-go location, opened in Aqua Caliente on Shea Boulevard.

Now, 24 years later, The Herb Box is a three-tiered powerhouse that encompasses a restaurant concept with two locations, a market and a full service catering company. The Herb Box’ locations include a full service restaurant at 20707 N. Pima Road in DC Ranch and a fresh food market and full service restaurant at 7051 E. 5th Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale.

*Credit The Herb Box Website

Going Places

Scheduled Speaking Engagements

Surcharging & Compliance

SCRATCH CEO & Founder Lorde Astor West to speak at the Third Party Payment Processors Association's event "Solving the Payments Puzzle" on Surcharging Compliance.

She will be presenting on surcharging compliance as a part of a panel of expert professionals as well as participating in a congressional discussion about payments. Surcharging compliance is complex and not often followed as intended by card brand operating language.

As always she will be providing a straightforward, no-nonsense detail of surcharging rules, as well as dispelling many of the myths that currently occupy the surcharging space.

30 Minute Presentation: (Subject to Change)

- A Brief History of Surcharging
- The 4 programs and their Differences
- The Legalities of Surcharging
- Contractual Merchant Restraints
- The Most Favored Nation
- Non Competition / Anti Steering
- Eligible Fees
- Jurisdiction

Third Party Payment Processors Association Event: Solving the Payments Puzzle Time: 8:00 am Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Location: The Madison Address: 1177 15th Street NW, Washington D.C, District of Columbia, 20005, USA


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Distributed Partner Network

The SCRATCH Marketplace

Our network of distributed partners is growing. Welcome two new partnerships who are positioned to move the needle in boarding. SCRATCH offers generous revenue splits, recurring monthly subscription revenue and opportunities for Reseller partners to control and manage their own network of affiliates, processors, merchants, and independent sales agents from the SCRATCH PITCH Portal. PITCH is equipped with the tools our network needs to be sucecss in their sales endeavors within the SCRATCH Marketplace.

BRANCH Merchant Reseller Partner

UFI Partners LLC brings a portfolio of merchants to the SCRATCH Marketplace that include national chain restaurants, direct marketing partners, and self-storage.

BRANCH Processor Reseller Partner

Azura Payments independent sales team brings over 30 years payments experience to the Reseller Partner network and a healthy portfolio of high-risk processors.


Small Business Microseries

Business is hard enough without added fees chipping away at the bottom line. Take a journey with us as we document the small business journey as we move quickly into a world were cash is dead and digital payments are taking the world by storm. 

Cash to Credit: The meteoric rise of digital payments
small Business in the TIME OF hyper Digitization


The rapid acceleration of digital payments means increased fees, friction and fraud for merchants. In our new docuseries we are uncovering what it takes to be in business in the hyper digital age and what merchants are doing to keep what they earn. 10.01

Format: Short Form Video
Topic: Small Business 
Launch: 10.01
Schedule: Bi-Monthly
Network: YouTube

Consumers rarely get a look inside a small business, its challenges, the cost of doing business and the extraordinary impact credit card fees have on the bottom line. 

Our goal with this docuseries is to bring attention to small business, buying local and supporting businesses by educating consumers on surcharging. 


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