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Recover eligible credit card processing fees

Accepting Credit Cards Used to Mean Accepting Processing Fees...

Not Anymore


Businesses can now pass on the cost acceptance to consumers who choose to charge




Surcharging as a Service with RECOUP

SCRATCH RECOUP seamlessly integrates payments and transaction data to deliver fully compliant surcharging and surcharging management through our proprietary platform. 

Keep Your Customers and Surcharge Too

Merchants are no longer forced to choose between the credit cards they accept and charging customers higher prices. 

Everything You Need to Grow Profits With One Integration

Start getting the most out of every transaction


Educate Customers

Keep customers coming back by educating them about surcharging, the affect credit card fees have on business, and why fees are being passed on. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the system determine eligibility?

A: Our algorithm reads the first six to eight digits of the credit card. If the card being used is within compliance guidelines the system calculates the appropriate surcharge.

Q: How does the system calculate the surcharge?

A: Our proprietary method calculates a Merchant's cost to accept credit cards based on card brand operating rules, our algorithm automates those rules to pass on eligible credit card processing costs with each eligible transaction.

Q: Are there restrictions to surcharging? 

A: Yes, Merchants in states where surcharging is banned may not surcharge consumers. Merchant's may not pass on more than the cost of the average of some processing fees not all processing fees are eligible for surcharging. Merchants may not surcharge debit or prepaid cards and are restricted from surcharging if all card products are not surcharged equally. 

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