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Be a part of the movement. Contribute to the new app economy and benefit from licensing and profit sharing opportunities.

The Latest in Cloud Platform Technology

Infinitely elastic and built on the latest Microsoft open source technology .net CORE for Azure

 Open-source and Community-Focused

.net CORE provides components and tools for cross-platform deployment and can be used in device, cloud and embedded/IoT scenarios


Eliminates compile dependencies.


Modular framework distributed as NuGet packages.

Cloud Optimized

Runtime optimized for the internet


Open Web Interface for .NET

Unified Story

For building web UI and web APIs.


Cloud-ready configuration system


Modular HTTP request pipeline


Build and run Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux


Side-by-side app versioning when targeting .NET Core


Become a SCRATCH App Contributor  

There are many ways to contribute to the SCRATCH Stack ecosystem, one of which is participating in the growth of our community by putting your development skills to work creating new apps and services that help merchants keep what they earn. 

Join the App Platform Economy

When you become a contributor you are not only building a great ecosystem of FINTECH apps you are expanding your own economy


Build and license apps to our community.

Profit Sharing

Build and share in profits generated by your creations.

Interested in Building SCRATCH Apps

Want to Protect Revenue?

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SCRATCHTM is proprietary platform that is designed and developed to help businesses increase revenue and keep what they earn.

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